Fee Structure

Notary Fees


  • Acknowledgments  $5.00 
  • Jurats  $5.00 
  • Oaths & Affirmations   $5.00 
  • Non-Certified Copies  $5.00 
  • Depositions  $5.00 
  • Affidavits  $5.00 

Travel Fees


Inside the Town of Warrenton - FREE

Outside the Town of Warrenton, travel fees are required to be paid in advance via paypal.

Between 01-20 miles $25.00

Between 21-40 miles $45.00
Between 41-60 miles $70.00 

Between 61-80 miles $95.00 

Scanning and Printing Fees:

  • If requiring us to scan and print your document in preparation for a  standard Notary appointment, add $0.25 cents per page with a $4.00  minimum
  • Scanning files to PDF (for archival purposes): $0.75 per page with a $3.00 minimum
  • Faxing: $1.00 per page (includes delivery confirmation) with a $3.00 minimum
  • Shipping services (when billed to your shipper account) adds a $10.00 travel surcharge
    Shipping  services (when not billed to your shipper account) add $10.00 travel  surcharge PLUS the actual postage or cost per your designated  carrier.Type your paragraph here.

Additional Fees:

Holidays or Sunday  up to $30.00

Actual expense for any metered parking fee, garage parking fee, or toll will be added to the final bill. (Travel fees can be reduced if there are additional signings located relatively nearby)


 We accept Cash, Check and Paypal. Payment is due when services are rendered.

We DO NOT notarize:

 Any documents from Vital Records (birth or death certificates, marriage  or divorce decrees), documents from a court, documents from the State  Corporation Commission or Federal government documents. Such documents  require an ink signature and date by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar  of Vital Records or an ink signature and date by the Clerk of the Court  or a signature by the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission.   Federal documents can be  copied and notarized by a Virginia notary as a  true copy of the original document (such as copies of a passport, or an  Immigration search report).